is a contemporary jewelry designer who works primarily with metal as a medium to express her creativity and passion, and create fine art. 

Monica is acclaimed for her exciting jewelry pieces. Her eye for design is brilliant and her sumptuous pieces have a strong, dynamic presence.
The collections' items original  are created by molding, hammering and brazing. Some of the pieces are then silver or gold plated, and some include semi-precious stones like rainbow obsidian, malaquite, lapis lazuli and glass. Every year Monica Mexico launches a new line which consists of approximately forty pieces. 

Monica's clients see her pieces as a way to add a bold accent to their look, in the case of her jewelry, and a contemporary touch with her sculptures for their homes and offices.

Collections include necklaces, earrings, bracelets and belts. Her sculptures include free-standing designs, in addition to lamps and figurative pieces.

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