Monica was born in Vienna, Austria, where she studied photography and design at the world renowned Graphische Lehr und Versuchsanstalt.  She moved halfway around the world to Mexico, launched her artistic career and has never looked back.



Fascinated from a very young age by Mayan archeology and history and an avid pre-Columbian art and antiques scholar, Monica dreamed of living amid her inspirations.  Many of her designs, like the Grecas collection, reflect her passion for pre-Columbian style.



Monica set up her first welding studio next door in Mazatlan. There she began to experience the culture and history, and develop her craft.  In addition, she became a fashion model.


She then moved to Guadalajara, bustling with cultural life and an active art community. She joined Artesanías de Jalisco and the Antique Dealers Association whose members afforded Monica support, inspiration and numerous contacts.   

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Monica in her atelier in Guadalajara.
Monica in her atelier in Guadalajara.
Monica with her grandson Cesar.

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